Impact of AI on Society

TL;DR : We are in the middle of the 4th Industrial Revolution=Digitization. This will change many of todays jobs and roles and will most likely make most current jobs redundant. SMB and is not ready yet for the transformation and policy makers have no answer to this challenge. A strong education and focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) research is needed to cope with future challenges. Europe is not ready yet and is lagging far behind US and China who is currently leading STEM Excellence in Research. There are 2 possible future’s for mankind : One in which people do not take part in economic exchange and receive an universal income and second where people focus on Arts, Music, Theater etc and values, educational system and economic structures need to be rethought. People need to make sure, that all economic benefits are not given to very few people who make others dependent. 

Europe needs to act now : 

  • We have to discuss Ethical Impact of AI on Society
  • Consider China as a partner but take care
  • Push the European idea to „United States of Europe“
  • Make sure our kids learn how to code and understand digitization
  • Try to build a „Generationenvertrag“ to train current and next generation on digitization
  • We as a society need to decide what to do with free time and which future we aim for

The long version with detailed explanaitions will follow over time on my blog

The presentation can be downloaded here : Impact of AI on Society Presentation